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Welcome to the page of Botogon, your ultimate MT4 trading Expert Advisor designed to revolutionize your trading experience. Botogon employs a sophisticated strategy centered around identifying crucial and robust market levels, including support and resistance zones, to predict market movements with precision.

At its core, Botogon ensures the safety of your investments with every trade. Each transaction is equipped with meticulously calculated Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, maintaining a risk ratio that closely adheres to 1:2, ensuring optimal risk management.

Equipped with an intelligent Auto-lot function, Botogon adjusts trade sizes automatically, optimizing position sizing based on your account’s equity. This feature ensures that your trades are appropriately scaled to your account size, enhancing profitability while mitigating risk.

But Botogon doesn’t stop there. It incorporates advanced money management features to further safeguard your investments. With trailing stop functionality, Botogon dynamically adjusts stop-loss levels to lock in profits as the market moves in your favor. Additionally, its breakeven feature ensures that once a trade reaches a certain level of profit, the stop-loss is adjusted to the entry price, effectively eliminating the risk of loss on that particular trade.

Botogon is meticulously crafted to excel in the XAUUSD market on the H1 timeframe. Its specialized focus on this specific market and timeframe ensures that it can capitalize on the unique opportunities and behaviors of gold trading, maximizing your potential for success.

Experience the power of Botogon and take your trading to new heights. Join the ranks of successful traders who rely on Botogon to navigate the complexities of the market with confidence and precision.


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